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Nafisa Valita Sheriff

Nafisa Valita Sheriff is a local, seasoned and award-winning photographic artist in Atlanta for 35 years. Since 1992, she's been an active photographer in many exhibitions throughout Atlanta and one of the founding members of Sistagraphy, an Atlanta based, women of color, professional women photography group since its inception in 1993.  She's a member of Atlanta Photography Group (APG) and also has been a member of  Roswell Photographic Society (RPS), Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA) and many other photography, art and societies.  Nafisa has had several solo shows at the Buckhead and Central Library (downtown Atlanta). As a longtime member of the Atlanta Artist Center (AAC), she has won several awards over the years, including Best in Show Spring of 2013.
Ms. Nafisa Valita has traveled with her Film and Digital Nikon Cameras throughout the USA and world to many great destinations like the Caribbean islands, Europe, Amsterdam, Italy, Paris, Mexico, and to Africa (West & North)several times as well as The Middle-East.

Through the eyes of a natural nature lover, Ms. Nafisa Valita Sheriff has captured many precious moments in her lifetime, places and spaces. Her vision for photography is keenly focused on everyday emotional life experiences and spiritually drawn to the natural wonders of Creation. She is involved in uplifting Humanities, promoting business awareness, educational wellness from a historical perspective and Spiritually Vibrational Enlightenment, for healthier lifestyles for all Humanities.