Silver Living Legacies Extraordinaire:
Women of Distinction (SLLEWD)

Photographic Exhibition

Exhibition Opening Reception,
Artist Talk and Fundraiser for Book Donations

DATE: Saturday, October 15, 2022
TIME: 1:00 – 5:00 PM
Mary Parker Foundation, Junction2800
2800 Campbellton Road, SW
Atlanta, GA 30311


Mon. – Fri.: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Appoint. Only
School groups and organizational tours
Must Call: 404-372-8114

Artist Statement

Nafisa Valita Sheriff

The Image Griot

To all the great women of Atlanta, GA. that are still here living life, to all those who have passed over and all those yet to be born; I Love, Honor, Celebrate and Respect You All, my dear “Queen Shero’s”. The motivation for this SLLEWD Photographic Exhibition and future Photography Book release, comes from a place of Healing, Love, Caring, Trust and Cherishing.  The very first teacher of Love, Courage and Strength in my life, was my Queen.  

The passing of my Mother in July of 2017 changed the course of my life yet again. You see my Mother, Mrs. Parlean Sheriff Sr., was a gentle, quiet storm; a great woman whose story was never told. I’m making sure that all the influential women whose paths I have crossed and those who have touched and influenced my life in some way, can tell their own stories.  As a woman, wife, mother and professional, I see these women in all their grandeur, greatness and glory, with their pride, honor and dignity still intact. I know that I love, respect and treasure them, as I do my Mother and self. 

It saddens me to know, that so many of our Queen Shero’s have been unsung, un-treasured and unappreciated. Therefore, armed with the “Lord of the World” and my professional Nikon camera, it gives me enormous pleasure, sincere humility, great delight and humongous courage to congratulate our Queen Shero’s in this series, The “Silver Living Legacies Extraordinaire: Women of Distinction”. These Queen Shero’s of Atlanta, Georgia, have opened many doors and will be recognized in history for many generations to come.

Introduction to Silver Living Legacies Extraordinaire

The Silver Living Legacies Extraordinaire: Women of Distinction (SLLEWD) is a massive photographic project that acknowledges and celebrates this unique network of women. The Silver Living Shero’s are all over the age of sixty having worked together through the years in some capacity and are still having some impact on the City of Atlanta.  For the majority of these women’s journeys, maintaining equal access over the years were a difficult course, yet they broke ground and paved the way for others.  The road is not completely clear yet for the others by no mean, however, We do offer Love, Hope, Courage, Strength, and Encouragement. This project depicts these unsung Shero’s, through a unique photographic imaging process as well as a self directed-biographical essays. The (SLLEWD) will be in access through a series of Public Photographic Exhibitions and The Publication of a Black & White Coffee Table Book, Chronicling Individuals Outstanding Endeavors.

Although honoring these Queen Shero’s achievements is not new, this project brings a unique and innovative perspective to it, because all The Sheroes are Living, Extraordinary and Accomplished Women of Atlanta’s Legacies. This project depicts an intimate circle of a professional network of women, who literally came of age together and interacted together to making things happen here in the Atlanta Moreover, the motivation behind this project has even more personal connections for me fulfillment of my dreams and my Mother’s last wishes of gifting me, a Nikon D750 Camera to embark upon this significant project. Like these women, Mrs. Parlean Sheriff Sr., was a Quiet Storm, My Mother, a Great Woman, My Storm and the storm of all those, whose story was never told. I am making sure that all The Great Women with whom I have crossed paths, as well as those who have touched and influenced my life in some way, can tell their own story. In for filling My Dreams and My Mothers last wishes there are so many other ways, this project is more than just an Exhibition, Book of Acknowledgements and Celebrations of women’s achievements; Yes, it is a reunion of Kindred Spirits, healing from the Lost’s of Loved One, Pains of Prejudices and Grief of Denial. We are a Living Inspiration to others, to Live, LOVE, Care, Share, while Celebrating and carrying this legacy forward.

Thanks for such a Lovely, Wonderful and Marvelous Experience in photographing You QUEEN SHERO’S. Blessings to all of you extremely gifted & talented, amazingly delightful & beautiful, SILVER LIVING LEGACIES EXTRAORDINAIRE: WOMEN OF DISTINCTION. I am truly honored to be among You Courageous and Amazing Network of Living Sheroes.  As the CEO, the Photographer and Production Manager of this project, I Congratulate and Salute You All.